Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fun Swap Gifts for my YT Friend Sabrina

Many of you know I have a You Tube Channel...
...well, I am having tons of fun and
now I have a super new friend named Sabrina!
Sabrina and I decided to do a swap...
I would make her a small mini, an altered box, a card and an altered bag
and she would do the same for me...
These are the items I made for her and the birdhouse is just a little bonus!
Our projects are a surprise to each other...
we told each other our styles and fav colors and
then we were on our own.
Sabrina likes Shabby Chic, pink and lavender...
Do you think she will like them???


  1. BUAAAAAA RINA! You are rocking it AGAIN!; oh my; those creations are fantastic!; how did she not love them??????? Elena F.