Saturday, June 30, 2012

Colorado Wild Fires

Hello my friends...

    I would like to ask for prayer to go to my fellow Colorado citizens in Colorado Springs.... many of you may have seen, but so many are all over the world that they may not know that Colorado is fighting the worst fire season in history and the fire in Colorado Springs is the worst in Colorado EVER! Just take a look at these pictures that occured THIS WEEK, just 60 miles south of me and 35 miles north of my daughter and grandaughter, almost 400 homes burned to the ground and the fire burns on...... GOD BLESS the firefighters and the displaced families who have lost so much.

It looks like a Volcano, but it is not, it is beautiful Colorado Springs Colorado.... PIKES PEAK area, Garden of the Gods, the Air Force Academy... my eyes are full of tears for whats been lost....
Please pray for everyone involved!

Thank you.... Rina Fashionista


  1. Hi Rina
    I have been watching this on the news. Your pictures bring it to life. I think the world is watching and sending many good wishes and prayers to you all at this dreadful time.

  2. Hello Rina, I keep meaning to ask you every time we email each other about the fires as I knew they could not be far from where you live, as Laine said we are all following it on the news and our prayers are with the emergency services and all the people who have lost so much.
    Suzie xx

  3. Woah....that is crazy! So sad to hear about that...make sure you stay safe ok sweetie! xx

  4. Keeping you and your family and everybody in my prayers sweetie.xx