Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NEW BLOGGER!?!?!? + More Questions!

OK... I have a question.... do YOU like the new blogger? I dont! It used to be easy to become a follower... top left there was a follower button, easy peasy, now? What? Where is it? UGH!

OK another question... why? why? why? Do some challenges want to make you give up your first born to enter their challenge? You must become a follower, you must leave a comment, you must put our blinkie on your side bar, you must not enter more than 3 other challenges, you must use our image, you must use item purchased from our store, etc. etc. etc.... seriously, why do they care how many other challnges you enter?

And while I am on my soapbox.... why do DT members come and comment on your creation when they leave a post like this...
Great project, thanks for joining in this week at....?
Super card, love it. DT member...?

Whats the point of that? I get it, some cards might be hard to comment on, but find SOMETHING nice to say! Its part of the "JOB" being on a DT, to comment and people like real comments not something you are forced to do because you are a DT member of that challenge blog. All entries took the time to make something, they deserve a comment from someone who actually read their post and looked at their project!

I have no picture on this post, so I guess I will see how many actually read this, but I would sure LOVE to hear your feedback.....
Stepping down off my soap box and waiting on pins and needles,


  1. I can understand when there are a lot of entries to a challenge that the DT just paste a comment....but they can still do that and find a little something to say about a card you'd think. I used to like to seeing as I'd gone to the trouble of going to look at the entries. I don't like the new blogger, I hate that the follower button is missing from the toolbar at the top. It never seems to me that any of the changes actually make it better or easier...but then I hate having to get used to new things lol. Hugs lin

  2. I really don't like it when the challenge blogs limit the number you can enter. Your right, what does it matter how many challenges I enter.
    I don't like the new blogger, so I don't use it. I reverted to the old blogger interface. Don't know how long it will work but for now it works fine. If it's not broke don't fix it!! LOL!
    Take care,

  3. Hi, I am always more than happy to express my feelings and thoughts on subjects. I also hate that blogger changed, very hard to find and sometimes I give up. I placed mine where the old one was to be. I am willing to jump through certain hoops for certain challenges and companies. Some I will gladly add a blinky (most the time without being demanded)I almost always add a comment already because they are helping me out. If its a sketch I always say thanks for helping me with the basics of my project, color requirements is something like thanks for helping me choose from that paper stack for this project. These people may be giving me an award for just showing up the least I can do is express thanks.

    "You must use our image" only flys with my favorite companies because usually if you win they award you with more from their company. I only enter challenges that I would love to win the award so I am not going to buy their image just to get in. The amount of challenges I feel is limited for 2 reasons 1. Its makes them better able to be viewed than if they were in a list of 15. Reason 2. to weed out people like me that love the challenges and the mixing of each one. They want the people to create for them only!

    Every comment I get is appreciated, I love to read them and it really does hurt when its cookie cut and copy and paste. BUT they are at least taking that time. I never seem to run out of good things to say about others projects, its so fun to look at them all and tell them you were there and what you loved! I would love to be on a design team because of that, and if you think its a job you are not doing the right thing with your time. Read the post, hear what the person is say or how they feel about the card. Its great when I see on my comments "for your first...." or comment about something I typed in some of my paragraphs because I know they read more than the title.

    Go ahead and rock your soapbox, you bought up great points!

  4. Hi Rina, I so agree with you on the challenges demands. It is so frustrating to have to follow so many rules and they are all different. It takes the fun out of it with all the demands. As far as the blog changes, I am new so don't know what it was before; or don't remember if it was different when I started the end of March. I spend so much time reading all the rules that I don't have time to create. I try not to enter any that have that many rules.

    One of my biggest complaints is when I try to comment on someone's post and I can't get past the typing of the words to post my comment. Who can read those things? I give up after the 2nd or 3rd try. Who cares if a robot comes to your site. Is a robot going to say something nice on your post? I mean get real!!

    Have a great day and thanks for giving us a place to vent. Gloria

    Visit my blog. I would love more members.

  5. I totally agree on all points, sometimes dt's say 'great card' or 'lovely card' and you have actually posted an atc, or a tag, or a piece of jewellery! and yes this has happened to me. lol was made for those moments. perhaps the prestige of getting on the dt has made them forget what its like for us 'others' hugs heidi x

    1. Hi Heidi... THATS a great point, I had forgotten that one. I once listed a layout and got "great card"... OMG was made for that!!! LOL... thanks for commenting, wow, you actually read my post before commenting?!

    2. Oh, I feel for you there on the "great card" when its not a card. You kinda want to facepalm the person and it makes them look foolish. I can see for ATC though, the word card is in its title but for jewelry?

  6. Hi Rina,
    First I apologise for not being by for a while, I have been trying to get my blog started and also had a bad time with health.
    Anyway enough of that, I am glad I stopped by today to read your post. I don't enter challenges myself, I find them so confusing and as to the demands, well as soon as I see them all I literally run a mile. I have been commenting on various blog for a long time now and have noticed many times the 4/5 word lines from the DT. On one challenge blog I follow, I have seen many 'creations' without any DT comments at all and that I find very rude. I know I am a chatterbox and tend to go overboard, but as you have all said, someone took the time to create something special, surely they deserve a little more respect.
    I have just put up my first challenge on my blog - I can see I am going to have to watch my P's & Q's...LOL!! My guys probably would want to shut me up plus I don't have a DT, so it is all me!!
    Thanks for sharing with us, I really enjoyed your 'rant'. You go girl, 'cos for me, I know that if this crafting becomes a chore I would rather opt out.
    all the best Linda x

  7. Phew that was all great Rina! Very very true all of it. Challenge demands can be so difficult sometimes...I really don't understand the ones that only let you enter your creation in 3 other challenges? You made it to be seen so why shouldn't you be able to get it out there!
    With the followers thing you can actually choose where it goes :) If yuo go to layout then you can drag it around to your header or the side or the bottom. Maybe some people don't know that or they just don't have a good idea of where the follower button should go LOL!
    And lastly agree with you on some of the comments. I understand people don't have a lot of time but is there any point commenting when you don't really want to? I love seeing people's creations and it is nice to find atleast one thing you like about the card - not hard! :D Hope you have a great day sweetie xx

  8. Guilty as charged lol! Generally only do cut n paste job if im commenting on loads ie my challenge or anything goes. I do try to find something to say however I do go through periods of practical mutism as i have ASD so i speak very little in life and reflects on here during those times. I do check what it is card/lo/atc etc and even if its a cut n paste I've acknowledged I've looked!

    The capping hmmm. One blog i started does it because its designed for newbies. Newbies generally don't enter multiple challenges, that comes in time. You're a rarity in that respect. It was designed so a newbie could find their feet and gain confidence amongst similarly experienced entrants and we found more and more skilled would enter when we had said you could IF you tried something new or challenged yourself but that was ignored. Once capped the newbies entered more.

    The shops doing a cap, well generally they're funding it themselves and therefore want to see their products so i agree with them wanting that as a condition of entry but i don't get why they cap it as surely you're promoting their products eh?

    Insisting on a blinkie is a no no for me. I'll do it if i choose to thanks. Im on commercial teams but I will not blog anything i would not buy myself. It is MY personal space afterall so I would never be railroaded into colouring something i wouldn't touch with a bargepole myself as my friends read it!

  9. ps i despise the new blogger lol! have ranted at them on twitter :)

  10. Yeah, the new Blogger is hard to manuever. I hate the "enter of our facebook." I have too many mendeling relatives to have a face book account. I don't have enough time to keep up on my blog, let alone figure out a whole other entity. Isn't it enough that I am visiting the blog? It should be. I am tired of "advertise us on your blog" too. I don't want everyone's blinky. In fact, blinky's suck up the band width and bog down my old computer and that makes blog hopping that much more time consuming. I am however, guilty of the "this is so fabulous!" and "Oh I love this". I mean it, but I don't always take the time to join on a soapbox, lol. It's just a quick nice response, even if it's not a blog hop and there is no prize attached to it, I often do not say enough to the person I am commenting to. GUILTY. but I will try to be better, I totally understand that some people really want some feedback. But I am not a DT member. I am so happy to have found challenges though. I agree, sometimes having to use a particular product can get very expensive and exclude a lot of people, so that part is a bummer. But challenges have really helped me grow and push myself into some great creative space.
    Thanks for you post today, it has given a lot of food for thought.

  11. I hated the new style Blogger so I reverted back to my old style, just hoping it stays like that oe else I'm done for as I couldn't find my way around it, gotta put my hands up to the "awwww this is gorgeous"....cos it is, sorry not big on lots of words
    have a lovely weekend