Monday, September 3, 2012

Our Anniversary

Hello all...

   Its Monday, Labor Day in the states, and today is our 1st anniversary! ONE YEAR and we are just as happy now as we were then. I am so blissfully happy and wish happiness like this for everyone. I hope you dont mind me sharing some photos with you....

We are off to a mountain getaway for 4 days, so right now while you are reading this, we are soaking up the beautiful fall foiliage in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and possibly soaking in the hot tub :)~~

This was taken while we were doing a photo shoot for our wedding invitations...
can you tell we were having a good time?

One of our little day trips to the mountains

This was the day after we met.... we were inseperable!
This was taken in Estes Park and that is where we are for our anniversary getaway!

I LOVE this picture....He looks so happy!

It was the best day of my life!!!

Thanks for sharing our happiness by taking the time to look at our life!

Rina and Alan


  1. Congratulation.... and Happy Anniversary!!!!

  2. Very happy anniversary, Rina!!!!!

  3. Happy happy anniversary!! Love all your photos, so beautiful and romantic.
    Best wishes and hugs from,

  4. Happy Anniversary, so happy for you, glad to see you both so happy! It makes my day :O) Oh love the photos!!!! Making me miss Colorful there when I was a little girl. I love the mountains! I would love to go on vacation there ... miss it so! Enjoy your anniversary, hugs! Leah Ann

  5. Happy Anniversary Rina and Alan, What beautiful pictures...he certainly looks like the cat that got the cream rina :))
    Hope you are always as happy as you are today, xxxxx we are 48yrs later this month and as happy as we were on our wedding day too. We are Truly Blessed!
    Hugs Mau xx

  6. Happy Anniversary to you both, you look so happy together!
    Helen x

  7. OMG!!! Colorado Rocky mountains you are sooooo lucky Have a fabulous anniversary! congratulations.
    Hugs Di xxx
    p.s hope you took your copics with you, with that big hunk beside you, you really will need to do some colouring!!lol!!!! NOT!!!!
    have a fab time x

  8. OMG!!! Colorado Rocky mountains you lucky pair!! congratulations on your anniversary!
    Hugs Di xx

    p.s hope you took you copics with you, you really will need to do some colouring with that hunk beside you!!lol!!! NOT!!
    Di xxx

  9. Awww look at you two cuties!!! Wishing you a very amazing anniversary... hope you have a great trip away :) xxx

  10. Happy Anniversary Rina! Wish you both many more happy years♥

  11. Happy First Wedding Anniversay Rina and Alan - I hope you both had an amazing time. Bet you both enjoyed the hot tub, sounds very romatic.
    Suzie xx