Sunday, June 11, 2017

Unicorn Shaker Card

Tired of mermaids? LOL

Time for a few unicorns...

Hope you enjoy this whimsical card.


  1. Unke pyar ko main bhulana nhi chahtaApne jakham duniya ko dikhana nhi chahta,Yaadein unki anmol hain mere liye,Isliye to unhe ansuo me bahana nhi chahta…. play bazaar Dur Na Jaya Karo Dil Tadap satta king Suraj Paas Ho Na Ho Roshni Aas Paas Rehti Hai,Dost Paas Ho Na Ho, Dosti Aaspaas Rehti Hai,Waise Hi Aap Paas Ho Na Ho AapkiYaadein Hamesha Paas Rehti Ha.


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